What is Riot?

We’re a group fitness class, mixing the basics of boxing with strength & cardio training. You don’t need any boxing experience (we’ll teach you the basic punches)! We’re suitable for all fitness levels; you may be a beginner, just getting back into it or a pro athlete. Riot promises to deliver an extraordinary workout.


We welcome EVERYONE (you just have to be over 18 years old). All sexes, all ages, all levels of fitness.


Last 45 minutes, so you can be in & out within the hour. We have classes before & after work, plus on weekends.


Riot classes are delivered by our expert trainers. We currently offer Full Body, Lower & Upper Body workouts.

They are all qualified Personal Trainers & are dedicated to ensuring you leave each session feeling better than you do when you came in!


This is where we are a little different to the rest. We’ve designed a feel good space, where you can escape from the daily grind. The lighting is similar to what you’d find in a nightclub, dark & dim, so you can hide away, getting into your zone. We’ve got a bunch of aqua bags also, you can punch these as hard as you can & they don’t punch back…


We’ve installed a banging sound system so you can lose yourself in our specially curated playlist. We take our music seriously & want you to be motivated & inspired by it.  Mixed by our DJ, blending the old skool with the new. We promise you’ll love it!


To ensure fitness is fun, not intimating, not too serious & interesting enough to keep you coming back. We’re inclusive & accessible to all.

We can fit around your gym schedule or replace it. We’re as effective & more cost effective than one on one Personal Training.


We’re located in the Ouseburn Valley, a stones through away from The Cluny & The Ship Inn.


Locker Room, Toilets, Showers, Towels, Boxing equipment, Cold Drinks, Protein drinks & Snacks (and the odd beer on Fridays)!


Book via the classes tab in the menu


We’re Pay-As-You-Train. No memberships, or joining fees. Book more & its works out to be less. Ask us and you can bring a friend for free!


You can use our Boxing Gloves or buy your own pair. We just ask you to purchase your own pair of wraps to protect your hand and to make the workout more comfortables. You can buy these when you arrive & use again & again.